As a business owner myself, I understand the importance of corporate and staff gifts.

I remembered being in my first year of business looking at catalogues online, wondering how many branded wine openers I needed to order to make the purchase worthwhile. 

The process was exceedingly frustrating. There were either high order minimums, or the actual item itself was very expensive. I have nothing against elaborate corporate gifts, in fact I send major kudos to those who have the funds to send something within upper range to all their clients/employees. Most businesses though, especially early on in their growth, simply can't afford to do this.

In the Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes community specifically, we wanted to create an offering for corporate gifts that dazzle, while also supporting the local and Canadian made.

So we have begun offering corporate gifting.

We can help you create something beautiful, custom, and functional for your staff for under $15 per person. 

 So why choose us? I thought I’d give you a little list:

1) Our minimum order amount is only 10 items. 

When it comes to minimum orders, we wanted to keep the amounts small. We did this because we know small businesses don’t always want to order 500 items. So we settled on this smaller, much more accessible number. If you’re someone who is looking for less items, we are happy to print it (but you just don’t get the fun bulk discount).  

Living Local Agenda Wholesale Custom Order

2) We offer custom cover designs, internal page messages, logo additions and more!

We know there are many places that can slap your logo on the cover and print a generic notebook for your staff, but that’s just not us. We love to help you create something completely unique and special. 

Want to add an illustration of Kawartha Lakes on the cover? We can do that. 

Want to create a custom weekly planning pad for your staff filled with puns? That is something we can create for you. 

We aren’t afraid to think outside the box, and create something completely unique. 

Even if you do want something simple, we have helped a number of businesses write a custom message on the first page with inspirational quotes, staff thank you’s & more! 

Custom Wholesale Lined Notebooks

3) All of our products are made and manufactured in Canada.

We love being able to offer products that are manufactured here in Canada. For us this is the perfect way to promote local economic growth, while growing our own business. We hope you feel the same. 

Shopping with us means that your products will be made here. They aren’t dropshipped, or fulfilled elsewhere. We work with reputable Canadian printing houses, and we personally check the quality of our items. If there is an issue with your order, we personally will work with you to rectify it and ensure that you get exactly what you were looking for.

4) We offer items at a variety of different price points

Here at Cheeky Peach Designs, we don’t like limits. 

We love being able to help businesses show love to their employees and clients in any way that feel authentic to them. We promise, when choosing to create your gift with us we will listen to your needs, and design something that will be beautiful and within your budget. 

We can’t promise we can create anything under $5, but if your budget per person is within $9+ range, we can definitely work with you to create something.

We can offer individual items, bundles, bulk printed cards or gift boxes in collaboration with other local businesses in Peterborough, the Kawarthas and beyond within Canada. 

5) We CARE

When printing your items, we make the process as seamless as possible from the start. We don’t act like a large corporate might, we take a very personal approach.

To begin, we set up a consultation call with you to understand your needs, so we can develop a quote within your budget. Next, we will send an estimate straight to your email inbox. This will include the price of the items, and the estimated shipping times. Within this estimate, you’ll be able to pay the deposit using a variety of payment methods.

After the estimate has been confirmed & the deposit has been paid, we will begin working on the design (depending on if you picked a custom design). We will collaborate with you, and make your corporate vision come to life!


Chat with us today to begin exploring your options for corporate gifting! 

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