Inspired by Nature

Many of our products are inspired by nature. They are embellished with leaves, florals, the sun and moon. We’re both big nature lovers and went camping a lot together as kids. Being in nature has always provided us with clarity, balance and fun.

Infused with reminders to have self compassion

We are big advocates for self-compassion, and often try and have that at the center of all our designs. Since the inception of self-compassion by Kristin Neff, PhD and Christopher Germer, over 200 journal articles and dissertations examining the topic have been published. This shows the true depth of its benefits.

We Give Back

Annually we donate 1% of profits, and a minimum of 10 volunteer hours to non-profit organizations that are meaningful to us and our community. We take this commitment seriously.

The people behind the brand...

Meet Lex

Lex is a Toronto based artist and graphic designer. She loves creating in a way that forms a meaningful experience. The core of her work is to create in a way that makes people think: “I feel that too!” You can catch Lex drinking a cup of coffee and walking outside to gather inspiration.

Meet Bianca

Bianca is an east coast-based project manager, meditation teacher, entrepreneur & lover of beautiful things. She's been based on the Kawartha's for the last 5 years, but now resides in New Brunswick, Canada. She enjoys traversing the wilderness, dreaming about exotic destinations, and planning her next creative project.

Want to know more?

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