We love being able to launch new products & designs for you guys!

We launched a total of SEVEN new designs this month, which is honestly a crazy number.

Notebooks in the sun

But when it came to designing notebooks over the holidays the ideas and creativity was flowing.

We wanted these notebooks to have a more of a wanderlust feel, since a lot of us are dreaming of travel.

They are centered around places, and experiences that inspired us. There are dreamy tales to go with each, that we hope connects you to a certain notebook.

Hilton's Sweet Isle's Notebook

In this round of notebooks, we would have loved to launch coil notebooks, but unfortunately it's actually a challenge to find a local printer that offers coil.

This is 100% something we will be launching in future though!

I am going to stick some images of these new designs below for you to take a look at:

Whimsical Garden Notebook

Tabernas Sands Notebook

A reminder that all of our notebooks are:
• Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
• Pages: 80 Lined Pages
• Paper: 70lb acid free paper with a creamy white smooth finish
• Cover: Velvet ultra matte laminate cover
• Printed and hand bound in Ontario, Canada

Head to our notebooks page to view them all!


We hope you enjoy this round of notebooks releases! We will be releasing more in future for sure.


- Bianca & Lex

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